U+ Arts

Come join U+ Education for our Art & English Conversation Workshops! Our art teachers guide students to use their imagination, express their creativity, and show off their artistic talent while practicing English conversation skills! You can join our online classes from anywhere in the world!

Creative Guidance

The idea of drawing can be overwhelming when students don’t know where to start. We provide a safe space for our students to explore art and doodle on the canvas with 100% creative freedom.

Note: Students are expected to bring their own drawing supplies, such as markers, coloured pencils, and watercolor paints.


Tailored to You

Our workshops are created for students from 4-12 years old. However, if you are above 12, you can still sign up for 1-on-1 sessions with our art teachers for a personalized service!

Class Structure

We offer both group sessions and 1v1 classes. These classes run once a week for 60 minutes, using the following schedule:

        • Intro & Teacher’s Presentation – 10 min
        • Drawing & Conversations – 35 min
        • Student’s Presentation – 15 min

 NOTE: Enrollment starts Winter 2023


If you are tired of “traditional” ways of learning English and have interest in art, this series of workshops is perfect for you! Our teachers will facilitate English conversations in the workshops and encourage students to present their artworks in English at the end of each workshop!


Come and join U+ Education for our art and English conversation workshops! Our teachers work hard to provide every student with the personalized experience and support they need to learn.

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