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U+ Education helps connect young minds to the world of public speaking. The U+ Gavel Clubs tackle public speaking by having a meeting filled with many questions, answers, speeches, debates, and more! While this meeting is going down, you will be given feedback on how to improve your public speaking skills. U+ Education has 2 Gavel Clubs, each catering to different age groups.

The U+ Gavel Club is a non-profit organization that helps students grade 8 and below hone their public speaking and leadership skills. Our club has experienced speakers and teachers to provide constructive and personalized feedback, speechwriting assistance, and support for leadership roles to help every student improve in their specific goals. Through hosting meetings, impromptu table topics, prepared speeches, and more, the U+ Gavel Club is the place to be for all youth to be the best public speakers and leaders they can be.

The U+ Careers Gavel Club is a non-profit organization to support high school students with a variety of professional social skills. Not only will students have numerous opportunities to practice their public speaking and leadership skills, but there are a variety of events that will prepare them for the various workplace and professional scenarios. Just a few examples are: prepared speeches, debates, negotiations, and business case studies. As well, U+ Careers Gavel Club has an experienced team of speakers and teachers to provide the best support possible for all students.

Gavel Clubs

The Gavel Clubs aims to improve communication skills in a fun environment!

U+ Public Speaking 1v1s

Speaking in front of a large audience is a useful skill for people of all ages. Those who practice public speaking become more confident speaking infront of unfamiliar audiences and thus become better communicators. By learning how to respond to others on the spot, publlic speakers develop strong critical-thinking skills.

At U+ Education, we promote the learning of public speaking through our interactive language classes and our free Gavel Club Toastmasters program.


Come and join U+ Education for our 1 on 1 Public Speaking sessions! Our public speaking teachers tutor students of all ages under 18. This course develops students’ communication and critical-thinking skills, while providing a boost to their confidence in addressing large groups of people.

All of our teachers are 
kind, knowledgeable and work hard to give every student the personalized experience they need. Register using the form to match with a public speaking teacher today!

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