About Us

Who We Are

U+ was established in 2016 and is located in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in online language learning for students 2.5 years old and up, offering customized courses to make learning easy for students of all ages. We believe that the most effective way to learn is to stimulate interest and cultivate independent thought. Our “people-oriented, quality first” approach is what encourages people to join U+. We provide flexible and diverse learning options based on your needs. Online tutoring options include VIP 1v1 tutoring, partner classes and group classes. U+ has always been committed to providing students with an immersive and high-quality learning experience, so that students can learn in a fun and rewarding environment! Learn online with U+!

Sept 2016
The beginning of U+ Education – U+ was founded in Toronto, Canada
Mar 2017
Chief Learning Officer Megan and her team started working on the curriculum development
Jan 2018
U+ English Curriculum was successfully developed
Apr 2018
Jeremy joined U+ as the first student
Jan 2019
Yoyo and Yoki (twin students) joined U+ as the first 1v2 program students
May 2019
U+ Beijing office was open (Beijing, China)
Jun 2019
U+ French was established; the first French language student was enrolled
Dec 2019
U+ Spanish was established; the first Spanish language student was enrolled
Jan 2020
U+ Ottawa office was open; U+ Reading Club was established
Octo 2020
U+ Cantonese and U+ Korean was established
April 2021
U+ Japanese was established
July 2021
U+ Mandarin was established

Partner Stories

The University of Waterloo has published an article about U+ Education by none other than our own Jess Scott, titled, “Online language teaching organization that learns about the value of hiring co-op student talent”. It outlines how passion and creativity from co-op students are key to U+’s success.
This article showcases U+’s external leadership and provides insights into how U+ can shape the future of online learning.