Coding Camp

Coding Camp Course

U+ Coding Camp is a month-long program focused on teaching coding fundamentals to beginner coders of ages 8-18, with no coding experience required. There will be two sessions a week at 6:30 pm EST every Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday starting May 16 and 17 2022. During each session, students will be taught a variety of coding concepts to help them create their own coding projects in Python. At the end of the camp, students will enter a friendly coding competition to compete for a small prize.

  1. Introduction to coding/setting up a coding environment
  2. Print, comments, input, and variables
  3. Variable Types and If statements
  4. Loops and Lists
  5. Functions
  6. Tuples and Dictionaries
  7. Sets and Try/except statements
  8. Celebration Session

Coding Camp Contest

Near the end of the course you will get to show off your python skills by creating a coding project. It can be anything you want as long as you use the skills you have learned in the course! You can create a Mad Libs game, Calculator, Escape, or anything you could possible think of! The winner the contest will receive a $300 coupon code to use on any of U+ educations service!

This years contest will be due on August 16, 12:00am EST and the result of the winner will come out on August 19, 2:05pm EST.

Here you can try out an example project you could make for the contest! This is an escape room, try it out!

Check out our past event video!